Scrap – Defenders of the Triforce

The Legend of Zelda themed Escape Room? It’s not like the usual Escape Room we’ve all come to know and love.  Be prepared for what happens when an Escape Room and a Pub Quiz have a baby…

It’s easy enough to sell themed events to Zelda and or Nintendo fans.  They are more than willing to support the brand no matter what shape the product takes.  Special Edition item?  They’ll buy it. Limited run concert?  It’ll sell out.  Is this another way to make easy money from the fans?  Well Yes and No.
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The Escape Rooms Newport – Torture Corp

A room that left us disappointed and frustrated. Innovative and faithful to its theme, probably a fun experience for those new to escape rooms, but enervating, unexciting and frustrating to veterans.

I don’t normally back Kickstarters, but something about Escape Rooms Newport made it look like it stood out from the crowd. I went in for the top-level package entitling me to play the game in a team of up to 6 and then act as the game master for another team. I gave the room a month and a half or so to get into gear before coming down from London for the day to try it all out.

I recruited eight members of Team Judge to come and play across two attempts – playing myself in the first round, and acting as the host second time around for my friends. The experience started the day before, somewhat intriguingly, but to say more would be a spoiler.
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Operation Escape – The Ops Room

A great example of how a low-tech escape room need not be written off as “Gen 1”. The Ops Room is a great first escape experience and tied its puzzles together wonderfully.

Living in south-east London, it’s a bit of a surprise that I hadn’t been out here much earlier.

I’ve probably reached that stage that I need to stop booking rooms out of my London Escapists email, because our host welcomed us having read the site and knowing “the reviewers are in” – maybe I’d prefer it to be a surprise. She was in a period uniform and very welcoming and friendly.
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