About us

We are the London Escapists, a group of friends and colleagues who frequent escape rooms in London and sometimes further afield. This site is for us to tell our stories, share our reviews, and give our opinions on the games we play. Contact email address is at the end of the page.

We have four sub-teams, which share Thomas (aka Prof) as a common link.

Team Amaze
Team Amaze are work colleagues. Managing risk by day and escaping rooms by night, we know our own strengths and weaknesses and are always up for a challenge.

Team Judge
Connected by a love of the Magic: The Gathering card game, Team Judge travels the world to help make its biggest tournaments happen. After spending a long and hard weekend making everything work, some of us get together the day after the event ends to wind down and play some rooms.

Team Ninty
Team Ninty shares a love of Nintendo and its consoles, handhelds, and games. Most of us have at one stage worked at events on Nintendo’s behalf. Games are second nature to us and escape rooms are just an additional way for us to enjoy what we do.

Team Pig
Team Pig came about because of the obscure video game and anime series Viewtiful Joe. If you haven’t heard of it, then you’re like most of the population. We love science, art, and offbeat podcasts.

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Contact us
For all queries the first part of the email address is prof and the second is londonescapists.co.uk.