Our policies

Review policy
Our reviews are neutral and independent. We do not ordinarily accept complimentary games, but when we do, this will not affect our review. We’ll disclose any complimentary or discounted games clearly in reviews and we will not communicate with the room owner between when we play and when the review is published, nor provide any previews of reviews. We may assist with playtests/beta tests/feedback — contact details below — but will publish a review, which we will hold until launch date.

We may revise reviews where we later discover factual inaccuracies, and will leave a footnote to say we have done so. We may add to the “other details” if we later decide to incorporate an additional entry there for our reviews in general. (An example of this was the “getting there” entry which we did not have on our initial reviews.)

We do not wish to intentionally spoil games nor to reveal secrets. If a reader or a room owner contacts us to suggest a change in this basis, we will consider all reasonable requests* and in the event of any change being put though we would leave a footnote to say we have done this, and that the request was from the room owner if that was the case.

Privacy policy
If you register or comment on a page, you supply your name, email address, and other personal data. We will delete this at your request, which will also result in the deletion or anonymisation of any comments you have added. We may occasionally use your email address to contact you about important developments on our site, but will never use it for marketing purposes.

We use Google Analytics to track site views, how long users stay on the site, which articles they read, and similar data. This is all maintained anonymously.

Cookie policy
Like most internet websites, this site uses cookies to store login data, control sessions, and anonymously track activity through the site. If you do not wish to have cookies set on your device, please disable the cookie function in your browser settings, or do not use the site.

To contact us
Our author can be contacted by email. To avoid spam, the addresses are described thusly: the username of the author, followed by the usual symbol, followed by this site’s domain name.

*A reasonable request normally includes terms such as “please” and does not include references to copyrights or terms and conditions, threats, or any general unfriendliness.