An update on health & safety

Two words guaranteed to drive tedium into the mind… but health & safety are important for escape room operators and players alike.

Some of the games we’ve played lately โ€“ and I haven’t stopped; there’s just a backlog of 22 reviews in various states of incompleteness ๐Ÿ™ โ€“ have made me think about “what’s going to happen if we need to get out of here in a big hurry?” We’ve had one game where smoke started coming out of some electrics part way through, and whilst nothing serious came of that beyond embarrassment for the host, I’m conscious that emergency exit is a consideration of some who play escape rooms.

All our reviews going forward, therefore, will contain a note in the end section about emergency exit facilities. I’ll edit it into older reviews over time.

AIM Escape โ€“ Psychopath’s Lair

It takes a lot for me to declare a game unfair, and I’m not going to start a habit here. Unfun, however, is one label I’m prepared to dish out when it’s deserved โ€“ and Psychopath’s Lair is definitely that. What a mess.

The (then) recently opened AIM Escape was the first outing in some time for Team Judge after a member of Team Judge won a free game in a Facebook competition.

Minor mishaps started on arrival with insufficient locker space to store a moderate amount of belongings. The excess ended up in the control room. They were very particular about no phones being taken into the room, for no particularly clear reason.

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Archimedes Inspiration โ€“ MAD

This beautiful story with an escape room hanging off it is set in a mental hospital and is a particularly special experience.

This was another game I’d saved for a special occasion and special team. Team Pig got together in Bermondsey to seek out the well-renowned AI Escape. We had always intended to play their older game Leo’s Path but procrastinated long enough that it had finished by the time we got round to it. Bummer.
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